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Skill Tumbling - Session I
Jan 24, Jan 31, Feb 21, Feb 28
4 week session - $50

🚫Important- you must register FIRST and get a response from C4C that you are registered before we guarantee that you are on the list.

👟Because of the limited space in each class, Tumbling fees for this session must be paid for in full by January 20th. You are not completely registered until you have paid. 
🤸🏼‍♂️*We do not have scholarships available for Skill Tumbling at this time. 
👟Coach/student ratio is 10:1 so space is very limited & attention will be very focused (2 coaches = 20 max per class) 
🤸🏼‍♂️The goal for tumbling is to help girls achieve specific skills and move them up to the next level. 

🚫VERY IMPORTANT! You must register HONESTLY within your skill level/age group. (Girls who are not ready for a specific class will be removed and at that point we can not guarantee that there will still be room in the appropriate class.) When in doubt, please ask!😀

🌟5:15-6pm Mini Tumbling (all 4-6 yr olds)
Skill requirements- none 

🌟6-7pm Beginner Tumbling (all ages) 
Skill requirements- no requirement. If you don’t yet have your cartwheel or roundoff, this is for you! 

🌟7-8pm Intermediate Tumbling
Skill requirements- Must have a Roundoff 

🌟8-9pm Advanced Tumbling I
Skill requirements-Must have roundoff, must have backwalker & currently working on backhand spring. 

🌟8-9pm Advanced Tumbling II
Skill requirements- Must have backhandspring perfected & now ready to work on more advanced skills. 

Skill specific workouts /handouts will be given to students to use daily at home. This is done so that the correct muscle growth and flexibility is attained to achieve the skill desired. The more consistent you are at doing these workouts at home, the quicker you will attain the skill. This is very important in your child’s success and to cut down on wasted gym time & wasted money on your part. One tumbling sessions won’t get your child in shape. It will however, help them achieve the skills that they desire IF & WHEN their body is ready for it. The idea is to prepare your muscles/body at home (daily) so that you are in peak condition to attain the skill you desire when you have coach help (at tumbling). To make the most of your tumbling class, be “tumble ready” each week by doing your DAILY SKILL TRAINING every single day between Skill Tumbling classes. 
Tumbling tuition
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Click below to pay for Session I Tumbling through PayPal.  Tumbling must be paid for by January 20th*If you pay for tumbling and the class is full, a refund will be issued.