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After Registering for C4C online, please print and sign the documents attached at the bottom of this page.

COMMITMENT TO YOU• We are honored you have chosen our program to be a part of your child’s life, and we take it seriously. C4C is dedicated to building a lifetime of self-esteem, confidence, and integrity in all our athletes. We promote and encourage an atmosphere of dedication, development, healthy competition, and good sportsmanship. 


C4C is ran mostly by volunteers who have a HUGE heart for these girls! Our coaches are dedicating their time, energy and free time (for very little pay) to coach and mentor our teams. We 100% expect ALL of our girls to show the SAME commitment to their squad & coaches. Although being a part of our C4C family is an exciting and fun time for everyone, we realize it is also a commitment for your cheerleader and your family. In order to continue the success of our program and growth of your athlete, commitment is needed.


We push our athletes to be the very best they can be, and with that comes commitment to themselves and their team! With only one practice per week, WE NEED every single girl attending every single week, We do NOT ask for 2-3 nights per week like other gyms. This program asks you for ONE night per week for practice and we expect all girls to be at EVERY practice.

All teams have set team practices one day per week. Extra practices will be added based on need within the competition season, and are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance. Athletes are expected to attend all practices.

The C4C staff will evaluate athletes on skills they have already developed, as well as their potential. They will be placed on the team we feel is the best for them and that is best for the team. Teams are selected based on the best chance of being successful, and athletes are placed in an effort to benefit their personal and athletic growth.